MyMine Privacy Policy

During its alpha stage, the app may collect some information.
This information is a debug log of what you are doing with the app, but not what you are seeing.
This means that the "path" you take and the buttons you click may be recorded in a log, but the actual contents that you see will never be collected.

By "collected", we mean that the information is stored into what is called "logcat", an history of text-based app logs.
Please refer to the Android SDK for more information about logcat.
This means that this information stays inside your Android device and will not be sent over the Internet or over any other way of communication.

This collected information may be sent over the Internet to the app developer when the app crashes. The information contained in a crash report is anonymous.
The information sent in a crash report stays private. Only the developer has access to it, for a limited period of time of up to 3 months.
The only purpose of a crash report is debugging.
The information inside a crash report will NEVER BE communicated to anybody but the developer, nor sold or given to any third party.

If you do not agree with this crash report feature, you are not allowed to use this application.
By installing this application on your Android device, you agree that the crash reporting feature is activated, and may send crash reports.

You can ask what information has been sent by your device, and demand its removal from our servers by sending a request to