Redmine / MyMine compatibility matrix

Most of the development of MyMine was made using Redmine 2.2.2. The minimum advised version is Redmine 2.2, but we suggest you update to the latest version of Redmine regularly.

Resource Redmine Status Redmine Notes Redmine minimum version Supported in MyMine
Issues Stable 1.0 Yes
Projects Stable 1.0 Yes
Project Memberships Alpha 1.4 No
Users Stable 1.1 Yes
Time Entries Stable 1.1 No
News Prototype Prototype implementation forindex only 1.1 No
Issue Relations Alpha 1.3 No
Versions Alpha 1.3 Yes
Wiki Pages Alpha 2.2 Yes
Queries Alpha 1.3 Yes
Attachments Beta Adding attachments via the API added in 1.4 1.3 Yes
Issue Statuses Alpha Provides the list of all statuses 1.3 Yes
Trackers Alpha Provides the list of all trackers 1.3 Yes
Enumerations Alpha Provides the list of issue priorities and time tracking activities 2.2 Yes
Issue Categories Alpha 1.3 Yes
Roles Alpha 1.4 No
Groups Alpha 2.1 No
Custom Fields Alpha 2.4 No