Clean, Holo UI

This is the best-looking Redmine app on Android. All the screens use the Holo UI, customized with a Redmine-red interface. Everything is just pure and clean.

Review issues on the go

MyMine fully displays all your project issues, with an intuitive issue screen. The Textile markup is nicely rendered on the mobile device, meaning you get all your Redmine projects with you in your pocket.

Wiki pages

You can read all the wiki pages of your projects, including the nice UI and the rich text Textile formatting. External links go to your favorite browser and internal links are nicely displayed within the app.

Redmine for 7 inch and 10 inch tablet

Tablet support

The app is designed to work on phones, but 7" and 10" tablets aswell. All the bigger screen real estate is properly used to display more information and in a more convenient way.

Benoit Duffez

Freelance developer

Loving smartphones, enjoying using and programming on Android. Java programmer. Volley-ball, badminton player. Working in the mobile industry since 2009.

Why MyMine?

What MyMine does best

  • Clean, sober, fresh UI
  • Fast and responsive app design
  • Phone, 7" and 10" tablet ready
  • Offline support
  • Doesn't store your password
  • Open, public redmine instance
  • Free


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